8 Cafe World tips and tricks


Here are some Cafe World tips and tricks.

1. Check on time - Be sure to check up on your foods being cooked on time.
2. Save buzz points - You can close your cafe by removing the door. Close your cafe if it run out of foods.
3. Visit friends -  You can earn more cafe coins if you visit your neighbors regularly and eat their foods.
4.  Use gifts - Use gifts to automatically earn coins.
5. Cook big meals - Earn more experience points if you cook foods that have long cooking times.
6. Avoid spoiling of food - The longer you cook the food, the longer it takes for it to spoil.

7. Earn buzz rating -  Highest Buzz rating is 105. The higher the Buzz rating, the more customers will enter you cafe, the more dishes you need to serve, the more coins you earn.
8. Buzz rating freezes when you go offline - Buzz rating goes up for every satisfied customer and goes down for customers who were not served properly.


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